Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to glorify and worship God through faith in Jesus Christ. Led by the Holy Spirit and the teaching of God’s Word, we encourage spiritual growth and outreach to others.

Our purpose: To celebrate God with a passion for Christ and compassion for people

So all can…
Believe in Him,
Belong in Him,
Be Built up in Him,
Serve Him,
Share Him.

We are a diverse community who are seeking to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. We welcome you as we learn together how to continue the caring of Jesus in Wingham, Belmore and beyond.

St. Andrews Wingham is a member of the Presbyterian Church of Canada. Relying on the power of the Holy Spirit, we proclaim the love and good news of Jesus Christ through our words and actions. As a reformed church, we rely on the truth and inspiration of Scriptures for God’s guidance into the future-knowing God is with us.


Ruling elders play a key role in the life of the congregation. Most decisions about the life and work of the congregation are made by the session. Ruling elders therefore have a tremendous responsibility and many opportunities to do the work of Christ. With the minister and through their membership on session they work in partnership as leaders – leading the congregation in its fellowship (its ministry to one another) and in its mission (its ministry to the world).

Taken from “Equipping Elders” by the Presbyterian Church in Canada

Current Elders:

Hugh Clugston (Clerk of Session), Clayton Baird, Doug Conley, Grant Currie, John Mann, Arnold Taylor, Jane Tolton, Paul Tolton, Joe Smith, Phil Smith, Merle Underwood. 

Retired Elders: Isobel Arbuckle, Ken McKague, Robert McKague, Elinor Ward, Ralph Campbell.

Board of Managers

It is the task of the Board of Managers to look after the business side of the church. They prepare annual budgets, conduct repairs and upgrades to the church property. Board members have a three year term.

List of current Board of Managers:

Jayne Collina (Chair of the Board), Holly Al, Ralph Campbell, Chris Hoeven, David Norman, Julia Norman, Don Schnurr, Jim Taylor and Isabell Young.